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My name is George Ntani and I've been in Mobile Telecommunications as an engineer working different roles for close to 15 years. I've mostly been involved with troubleshooting, service and performance reporting, detection and isolation of network issues. 

Service providers are always working to find new ways of improving the end user experience for services they provide, which helps them to remain competitive. A subset of this never ending journey requires using the right tools and creating/implementing solutions that add value. I'm passionate about understanding data sources, conceiving, designing and implementing custom solutions that improve the service experience. 

I'm also passionate about simplifying complex problems and sharing my knowledge with others. I have the ability to quickly grasp concepts and transform information into a form that is easy to consume, and provide more clarity. This has helped me to stand out in my career when it comes to producing and delivering content. I take great pride and satisfaction from seeing others grow, especially when my contribution is significant. 

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