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Splunk Essentials Course
This course is focused on providing a clear understanding of the basic concepts. There is a connection between the different modules from introducing Splunk with a use case, to understanding the building blocks (Splunk instances and components), deployment, installation and the different ways to use and administer Splunk. The course also includes modules on how to ingest and extract fields from data as well as concepts of Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL).
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Splunk Core Certified Power User Course
Splunk Core Certified User Course
This course covers all the material with sample questions required to pass the Splunk Core Certified User exam. This course has no pre-requisites, and is the first step towards becoming a Splunk Core Certified Power User and subsequently a Splunk Certified Admin. The course structure is based on Splunk's official exam blueprint covering Splunk Basics, Basic Searching, Using Fields in Searches, Search Language Fundamentals, Basic Transforming Commands, Creating Reports and Dashboards, Creating and Using Lookups, Creating Scheduled Reports and Alerts.
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Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Course
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